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How do I register for weekly lessons?

Simply contact me via email or phone to sign up for cello lessons or request further details. I am always happy to work with new students of all ages and experience levels!

Where do you hold your lessons?

 Lessons are conducted in my house which is located in the Terwillegar area in south-west Edmonton.  Please check my home page for address and map.

I would consider providing lessons in a student's home if we can find a suitable time for both the student and me.

Can I arrange to have lessons every other week?

Regular weekly lessons are key to success when learning to play any instrument. This is especially the case for beginners. Weekly lessons allow for frequent feedback, encouragement and quick correction of developing bad habits that could make playing the cello less enjoyable down the road.

How much do I need to practice?

Regular practice is required of all students, and the frequency and duration of practice is different for each student. A general rule of thumb is that for weekly hour-long lessons, 30 minutes of practice 4 - 6 days per week is the bare minimum. More important than the quantity of practice is the quality of each practice session.

What books/materials do you use to teach beginners?

I currently use "the ABC's of Cello" for my beginner students as an introduction to playing the cello.  I use a variety of other materials to tailor the repertoire to each student's abilities and preferences.

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